The Swimsuit We Are All In Love With

There are those bikinis that we use for comfort, and those we love just for style. But then every once in awhile the market hits us with the best of both worlds. The Acacia Swimwear Spain Top and Cusco Bottom is just that.

Why we love it:

We love that this bikini is all comfort and extreme style. The thick straight back straps give you great support no matter your cup size, and the tie front knot is on trend with the latest style (tie front tops anyone?) We love that the Cusco bottom is a moderate coverage bottom so whether we choose to go diving, or lay out tanning we know we’re covered all day long.

Why it’s for everyone:

It’s very rare, especially for bikinis, that one style fits all body types particularly well. Especially if you’re a bigger breasted babe, finding a top that is supportive without sacrificing style is something we know all too well. That’s not the case for this bikini. Pair this top with this moderate style bottom and you know you can count on this bikini to keep you on trend if you’re a modest mama or if you just need a functional bikini for beach activities and family functions. We love ACACIA’s signature mesh. It’s not only extremely comfortable but it’s so flattering on the body.

What makes it unique:

The color on this is just about everything. It’s a soft, mauve blue and when the sun hits it just right there’s an understated glow that keeps you looking tan all day long. But if Sky blue just isn’t for you there’s a yellow-green tone that’s bright and one-of-a-kind to Acacia’s tropical inspired line up. It’s sure to make you stand out of a crowd!

Where to get it:

Find the Spain Top and Cusco bottom at LOCALKINEKINI.COM! To make it easier, click on the links below to take you directly there.

Spain Top in Sky

Cusco Bottom in Sky

Spain Top in Pineapple

Cusco Bottom in Pineapple

You won’t regret this one,