TBT: Our Favorite Work Out... Still!

TBT: Our Favorite Work Out... Still!

Let’s be real. The number one body part EVERY woman is overly critical about herself is her belly. We truly believe that the key here is to stop comparing ourselves to  6’+ models with straight body figures. Embrace your body type and learn to love it and build confidence in it. This fitness routine will do just that. You might not walk out looking like you have David Beckham abs, but you will definitely feel like it, and that’s just the key. We love that this abdominal routine targets the belly as well as your LOWER BELLY! (Every girls worst nightmare…) The best part is you can literally do it ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. As always, NO excuses!

Roll Ups

No not the cheap snack you used to get at lunch time! Lay flat on your back hands fully extended above your head and roll up using only your abs to get you up. Gently roll back down keeping your hands fully extended above your head. 25 x each

Table Top Fan

Lay on your back again bringing the legs into table top position and lift your head off the ground bringing your arms on the side of your legs and fanning them up and down. Count to 50  Remember to  b r e a t h e.

Double Leg Stretch

Lie flat on your back and reach your arms behind your head as far as you can. Lift your head off the ground, engaging your abs. Then, using your core, bring your knees to your chest and your arms to your feet.  25 x

Double Leg Lift

Hands go directly underneath your butt, lifting those legs off of the ground and up in the air toward the ceiling and back down WITHOUT touching the floor. 25 x

Triple Crunch

Lie on your back and put your knees in table top position with hands behind your head. Keeping the chin off your chest, lift your upper body 3 times up toward your legs. Exhale each time you go up and inhale going down. 25 x

Table Top Side Abs

Again, lie on your back and bring your legs to a  table top position.  With your hands behind your head, or at your side,  move your legs to your right side and then to the left side. Make sure to keep your legs together and to never touch the ground. 25 x

Bicycle Kicks

Bring your legs to a table top position but this time keep your knees apart. Put your hands behind your head. Lift your upper body of the ground using your core and reach your left elbow to your right knee. Key: Switch your legs as if pedaling a bicycle. 25 x


Open your legs in butterfly position while your lying on the ground. Lift your upper body trying to touch your toes. These burn but are our favorite.  Trust me, they’re worth it. 15x break. 15 x again.

Charlie’s Angels Abs

Sit on your butt.  Cross one leg over the other and raise your legs off the ground, leaning as back as far as you can go. Put your arms together in that “charlie’s angel” position (or clasped is fine too). Twist your body to one side of your legs and then the other. Keep your legs up as your move. 25 x

YAY! You did it! Remember to share your transformations with us in your favorite bikini @localkinekini & follow the blog for more Fitness Inspo.

Knew you could do it,