Get the Lookbook Look

Get the Lookbook Look

Even for those photos where there isn’t any room for make up, there’s some make up involved. So for our latest, we wanted the focus to be the glow of our model’s naturally tan skin, and the curl of her hair. Love the look? Here’s how to get it:

Natural Glow



Step 1: Start by moisturizing your skin. The more the better, especially if you plan on taking photos.

Step 2: With your hands, apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer in areas that you absolutely need it.

Step 3: For more coverage on problem areas, we applied a bit of high coverage concealer and blended it out with a beauty blender. Then we lightly set the under eyes and lids with some powder.

Step 4: Apply a cream bronzer where you would naturally get tan (on your cheeks like blush, on your eyebrows, on your forehead, down the nose, and lightly on the jawline.) Be sure to blend it out seamlessly with the beauty blender.

Step 5: Take the highlighter on the same bronzer brush and apply that on the top of the cheeks, down the nose, and above the cupids bow.

Step 6: Curl your eyelashes and apply a generous amount of mascara.

Step 7: Touch up the eyebrows where you need it, keeping them as natural as possible.

Step 8: Apply a natural looking lip liner and add the best moisturizing chapstick to maintain the natural look.


Embrace the Beauty

Step 1: Abby’s hair is naturally curly, which we love! So we make it bigger and curlier. All we did was dampened it by adding some sea salt spray and scrunching it with the hands.

Step 2: You can add some texture by back combing certain parts for more volume.

Voila, it’s that simple.