How we do: Dry Beach Waves



Step 1: Start by combing thru any rough knots in your hair.

Step 2: If the hair is dry, moisten it with a couple sprays of Ouai Wave Spray or a texturing Wave Spray of your choice. 

Step 3: Begin curling your hair in sections, starting with the bottom half of your hair and working your way up the crown of the head and finishing with the front bits.

Step 4: Use a 1 or 1.5 inch curling iron without the clamp ( if there is a clamp then open the curling iron while curing your hair) and wrap a one inch to two inch section of hair around the rod, starting at the root of the hair and leaving the last bottom inch of hair out of the curl. The sections don’t have to be perfect, and remember to rotate the way you curl your hair (toward your face and away from your face) to add more texture in your hair.

Step 5: Flip your head upside down running your fingers through your hair and tousling out the curls. We want loose natural looking curls so make sure that you take out any perfect spirals with your fingers. Use your comb/brush if needed.

Step 6: Take your straightener and straighten any spirals and bottom bits of your hair to make the look very natural.

Step 7: Finish by adding a texture spray of your choice.


Ready for the day? Let’s go.


xx LKK