Local Kine Kini

is an online shop and brand founded in 2015 by two best friends and sisters Brittney and Andrea. As partners, Andrea and Brittney Ortega share their deep love for the ocean. When they aren't at their favorite local beach in California, they spend time at their home away from home, Hawai'i. Here they have adopted the beach culture and lifestyle the islands have to offer. As their personal bikini collection grew bigger year round, they were inspired to share some of their favorite local companies with beach dwellers just like them worldwide. 

Local Kine Kini specializes in both comfortable and luxurious swimwear brands that are familiar to the culture of paradises around the world. Local Kine Kini is determined to stock the best quality "kinis" bringing you the "local" vibe wherever you are, making one of their missions to promote small and local businesses from the islands (and other parts of the world) to help market an appreciation for their craft on the mainland. Local Kine Kini is not only a celebration of the kini but also a fusion of beach cultures around the world.

The shop features some of the most desired names in beach fashion and jewelry, including Acacia Swimwear, Tori Praver Swimwear, and Bychari jewelry. They also focus on stocking their favorite local brands amongst the other high brand labels, curating a selection of beach needs to be an ideal local girl "go to" store.

Since opening its doors, Local Kine Kini has rapidly been growing customer base nationwide through word of mouth, Instagram and other social media platforms. Every single customer that shops with us is important to us. Therefore, it is vital that every shopper feels our love & aloha from the time they open our website, to the moment they receive their order delivered straight to your door step. Every order is sent with fast shipping, special packaging, and customer service on stand by making it easy to treat yourself... How shopping should be.



Andrea & Brittney



  ig: @pua.lena yourself in 3 words:  courageous, ambitious, loyal.


ig: @pua.lena

yourself in 3 words:  courageous, ambitious, loyal.


andrea ortega

  ig: @bubishhh yourself in 3 words: compassionate, artistic, intuitive.


ig: @bubishhh

yourself in 3 words: compassionate, artistic, intuitive.